$17,000 of lost Sewer Skewers Found

$17,000 of lost Sewer Skewers Found Click to Enlarge

FARGO (KFGO) - Surveillance video helped lead to the recovery of thousands of dollars in merchandise that was recently lost along the highway in Otter Tail County.

Inventor Larry Villella was on Highway 59 near Sand Lake when a half-pallet of "Sewer Skewers" fell off his truck. The product is a t-shaped copper pipe that prevents sewer vents from freezing.

Villella says after word got out about the missing skewers, surveillance video from a hardware store in Dunvilla, Minn. led to the person who took them. “We immediately got a whole bunch of tips the very next day” according to Villella. “Through those tips, they were able to go back and view some surveillance video and get a very accurate description of the truck that loaded them up.”

“The Pelican Rapids police and the Otter Tail Sheriff’s Department found the person that loaded them up” Villella said. “They went to his house and got all the Sewer Skewers back. It was $17,000 worth of Sewer Skewers.”

Investigators tell KFGO News that charges against the man who took the skewers from the roadside are not likely because there's not enough evidence to prove that they were stolen.

Villella says a $500 reward he offered to help find the products will be given to the Pelican Rapids Community Food Shelf.

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