From Becker County Court: Drug Arrests and Sentences

Detroit Man Sentenced For Selling Heroin

DETROIT LAKES, MN--A Detroit, Michigan man is handed a nearly eight year prison sentence for selling heroin in Becker County. Thirty-nine year old Darrell Robinson was arrested in August after an on-going drug trafficking investigation by two area drug task forces, the Paul Bunyan and West Central, in which heroin was being transported from Detroit, Michigan to Becker County. An informant working with the task forces purchased more than 10 grams of a heroin/fentanyl mixture from Robinson in a 90 day period between May and August. Robinson was sentenced Thursday in Becker County District Court to 95 months in prison for a 2nd degree drug sale conviction.

Three From Ponsford Face 1st Degree Drug Possession Charges

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Two woman and one man from Ponsford each face criminal drug possession charges as the result of the ongoing drug task force investigation of drugs being transported into Becker County and the White Earth Reservation. Twenty year old Autumn Annette, 22 year old Zeegwunikay Warren and 30 year old Joshua Croud were arrested last Tuesday and charged Thursday in Becker County District Court. Court records state, Croud was being tracked by an agent for the West Central Drug and Violent Crime Task force pursuant of a court order. The agent had learned Croud was allegedly traveling to the Twin Cities area to purchase heroin to bring back to sell on the White Earth Reservation. The task force agent had also learned the three from Ponsford had been stopped August 7th in Hennepin County where 139 grams of meth was recovered. On October 16th, the agent learned Croud was on his way back to Becker County. Records state, on October 17th Croud's vehicle was stopped for speeding on Highway 87 in Becker County by Becker County deputies. Croud stepped out of the vehicle and a foil package dropped from a sweatshirt he was holding. The contents of the package had tested positive for a half gram of heroin. Croud also failed sobriety tests and allegedly admitted to deputies he'd used heroin prior to driving. Other evidence found during the stop included drug paraphernalia used in the sale of drugs. The other two passengers in the car, Warren and Annette, were also arrested. Warren for prescription pills found on her. Annette allegedly admitted to smoking meth and was currently on release from Hennepin County. She was arrested for violating conditions of her release from Hennepin County. As the two women were booked, a total of over 90 grams of meth was recovered from the women. Warren and Annette each face a count of first degree drug possession. Autumn Annette is being held on 70-thousand dollars bail and Zeegwunikay Warren is being held on 50 thousand dollars bail. Croud faces a count of first degree drug possession and a count of 5 degree drug possession and is being held on 100-thousand dollars bail. Each have their next court hearings in November.

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