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DETROIT LAKES, MN--This week, Becker County Commissioners approve a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) of nearly 19.8 million dollars with McGough Construction to build the County's new jail. Becker County Administrator Jack Ingstad updated Commissioners at their July meeting on Tuesday. He said the $19,779,927 price includes a sales tax of approximately $500,000 which will be returned to Becker County by the State of Minnesota. Another 2.6% of the total project cost or $501,000 is being held as contingency for the project. Any remaining contingency at the end of the project will also be returned to the County. Commissioners said while the final maximum price is a bit over the original estimate of 18 million dollars they felt o.k. with the guarantee. Ingstad says the increase in cost from the original estimate had to do with added jail cells. There will be 186 beds. He says the new jail will carry the county into the future and with the additional jail cells the county will have the capability to rent beds to other county's to house their inmates and the additional revenue will help pay down the bond on the jail. Ingstad says the jail construction project will be in full swing next month with the arrival of the structural steel and precast concrete. The city of Detroit Lakes reported this week that road, sewer and water improvements are also moving forward as scheduled. The jail is slated to open late next year.

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