Bemidji woman accused of breaking legs of a 3-month old

Bemidji woman accused of breaking legs of a 3-month old Click to Enlarge

BEMIDJI (KBRF) - A Bemidji woman is accused of breaking the legs of a 3-month old in her care.

Wednesday, 42 year old Bridget Stately was charged with third-degree assault causing substantial bodily harm, as well as with child endangerment in Beltrami County after she allegedly was caught on a “Nanny Cam grabbing the child’s feet and twisting her ankles.

According to the court complaint, Stately had been watching the child Monday. When the baby’s mother came home, she noticed that her child was “extremely upset” and crying. The mother tried to wrap the child in a blanket, but the baby cried harder when the blanket was put over her legs. The mother watched the camera footage and allegedly saw Stately grab the baby’s feet and twist her ankles as she was attempting to feed the baby.

The mother took the child to the hospital, where X-rays revealed both of the baby’s legs were broken at the tibia.

According to the complaint, Stately told investigators that she has anger issues and that she used meth while babysitting the child.

Stately’s criminal history shows convictions for disorderly conduct, domestic assault and obstructing the legal process.

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