Better Beach-going, Biking and Business: Redeveloping Detroit Lakes West Lake Drive

Better Beach-going, Biking and Business: Redeveloping Detroit Lakes West Lake Drive Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Detroit Lakes plan for the West Lake Drive beachfront and surrounding area is a step away from approval by the City Council. RDG planning and design consultants have been working for several months on a plan to maximize the popular Detroit Lakes area for enjoyment as well as economic development. The main areas studied and discussed include the mile-long beach area, the Pavilion area, the area of the Fairgrounds and just to the north, the Washington Ballpark area.

RDG's Corey Scott says the plan submitted is a guide for city planners and eventually private developers based on public input from citizens of Detroit Lakes through the last several months on what they would to like to see.

One of those areas that may eventually be updated with more walking paths and landscaping and a paved parking lot is the fairgrounds to the north of the beachfront.

The mile-long beachfront area would see wider and separated walking and biking paths, also parking only on the southside.

Another concept that surfaced is more residential/retail developments. Retail or commercial areas on the ground level with apartments or condos on the upper level.

Scott said the concept for the Pavilion area, based on public input, would also be revamped with either a new Pavilion structure or renovation of the existing building and a water park/beach area for families.

Scott says the City will decide the pace of development along West Lake Drive and surrounding area...

Last week, the Detroit Lakes Development Authority accepted the draft plan and final approval will likely be on the agenda of the Detroit Lakes City Council in April.

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