A Bright Year for Detroit Lakes: ​Detroit Lakes State of the City

A Bright Year for Detroit Lakes: ​Detroit Lakes State of the City Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Millions of dollars at work in the City of Detroit Lakes. 2017 was a year of multi million dollar civic projects among expansion and growth in the private sector. Those were some of the highlights in the Mayor's State of the City Address. Mayor Matt Brenk pointed out the beginning of construction on an 18 million dollar runway and taxiway project at the regional Detroit Lakes/Becker County Airport.

"...up to 95% of the funding for this project will come from the FAA and the State of Minnesota. Most significantly, the porject expands the runway to 5,200 feet allowing larger aircraft to utilize the facility and enhancing opportunities for our city and regional business."

In 2017, Detroit Lakes received about half the funding for the largest single municipal project in the City's history. Brenk said the new wastewater treatment facility will begin construction in the spring of 2018.

"Approaching $30 million, this new plant will discharge treated wastewater to some othe highest quality standards in Minnesota and will serve our citizens for many generations in the future."

The Mayor also pointed out an additional 3.3 million dollars approved by the State Legislature in 2017 for the Heartland Trail segment between Detroit Lakes and Frazee. Also, in the recreation category, the City received over 1.2 million dollars from the state for the Detroit Mountain Recreation Area.

The Mayor said along with the aforementioned grants there was also grants from the Department of Transportation for West Lake Drive, Randolph Road and FEMA for the Fire Department which brought the total amount of grant activity for 2017 to over $28 million dollars.

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