Clay County Man Believes Wolves killed Calf

Clay County Man Believes Wolves killed Calf Click to Enlarge

CLAY COUNTY, MINN (KDLM) - A Clay County man believes that wolves are responsible for the death of one of his calves.

David Heng, says that one of his 450 pound calves was killed sometime between Friday, October 26 and Sunday, October 28.

In a facebook post that included a photo of the carcass of the animal he stated, "I'm sure glad the Minnesota DNR says there's no wolves in clay county. This is what's left of one of my 450 pound calves that they killed in the last 48 hours."

In a recent (2017) report from the Minnesota DNR the number of wolves in northeast Minnesota jumped 25 percent from the previous year, most likely because deer, their favorite prey, saw a similar increase in population.

It’s not clear at this point whether the extent of their range, which spans far northern Minnesota and narrows steadily toward the south as far as Little Falls and Milaca, has also changed.

DNR wildlife officials conduct a wolf survey every winter when the population is at its lowest point. The count is an estimate based on calculations that include tracking about 40 wolves collared with radio telemetry devices, aerial sightings, the number of tracks, pack and territory size. But the difficulty of conducting the survey results in a wide margin of error.

The DNR's 2016-2017 population survey estimated that Minnesota had about 500 packs and 2,856 wolves.

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