Detroit Lakes family stranded in Mexico will be refunded by airline, Sun Country

Detroit Lakes family stranded in Mexico will be refunded by airline, Sun Country Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES (KBRF) - A Detroit Lakes family were among about 250 people who were left stranded in Mexico Monday by Sun Country Airline. Troy and Abby Pettit and their two children were waiting in Cabo San Lucas for an American Airlines flight Monday, April 16, 2018, after their Sun Country flight back to Minnesota was cancelled and the airline left them stuck in Mexico.

The Pettit's told MPR news that they knew there was a winter storm going on in Minnesota receiving pictures from back home. They had been vacationing in Mexico and were getting ready to catch their weekend flight back to Minnesota when they were stunned by a message from the airline on Saturday: "Due to the weather and that our seasonal service has ended, you will now need to make arrangements to get home. We apologize for any inconvenience."

They were stranded. It took Pettit another day to find an airline that would get them back to Minnesota without an overnight stopover. The four tickets added another $2,000 to the cost of their vacation.

In a statement sent Monday evening, a Sun Country spokesperson explained that their fleet had been scheduled to fly elsewhere, and that the company wasn't able to redirect them or send additional aircraft to Los Cabos and Mazatlan — calling it their "most challenging recovery situation."

Sun Country Airlines now says it plans to reimburse passengers left stranded in Mexico. Sun Country airlines CEO Jude Bricker says his company should have flown a "rescue flight" to Mazatlan last weekend to pick up the airline's stranded customers and will cover the extra costs those "rightfully frustrated" travelers were forced to pay to get home after Sun Country abandoned them in Mexico.

In an email provided by Sun Country, Bricker told the airline's staff they hope to contact all the passengers left in Los Cabos and Mazatlan after blizzard conditions closed the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and canceled the airline's last flights to Minnesota for the winter vacation season.

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