Detroit Lakes Kids Scores Above Average on State Standards

Detroit Lakes Kids Scores Above Average on State Standards Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Detroit Lakes Schools overall are performing above the state average in Reading, Math and Science. That was the report given by Detroit Lakes District Education Director Renee Kerzman who outlined results of last year's Minnesota Comprehension Assessments, or MCA's. Kerzman says the standardized test results are used by disticts to see if there are any patterns that point to any deficiencies within the district.

"Are we missing something in our teaching, is there a gap. It's not to measure teachers and it's not necessarily to measure students. The student performance measures if we are teaching the standards as we should be," said Kerzman.

She pointed out Detroit Lakes' results district-wide appeared above the state's average scores in Reading, Math, and significantly in Science. The school-by-school breakdown showed above average scores at the High School and ALC. Scores at the Middle School were not the same case. Kerzman says those results may have been off because students opted out of 100 tests at the middle school--which is a trend that has the attention of state education officials and administrators statewide.

Superintendent Doug Froke noted that when a student opts out of a test, that test is still recorded as a "does not meet" score. Kerzman says the unfortunate thing is that the district scores are skewed by those opting out and the district is unable to tell where the holes are in the teaching and the curriculum.

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