Distracted Driving Effort Continues Across Minnesota

Distracted Driving Effort Continues Across Minnesota Click to Enlarge

(KBRF) - A major effort to crack down on distracted driving is continuing through April 30, with many law enforcement agencies across the state watching for any type of distracted driving. While the new hands free law addresses cell phones, Fergus Falls Police Officer Colby Palmersheim says there are a number of activities that you shouldn’t be doing while driving…

“…Obviously texting Snapchat and Facebooking those are obvious but it can be that morning cup of coffee or that morning sandwich that you're having on your way to work. I could be putting makeup on in the car. Even talking to your passengers in the car. Our whole goal is to gain voluntary compliance with traffic laws. So people can do that, just by that law being there and being educated on it. Some people need a warning, some people need a ticket, but our whole goal is to get people to comply with traffic laws…”

Governor Tim Walz recently signed the “hands-free” cellphone bill into law. The measure, which would take effect Aug. 1, expands on state law that bars texting while driving. Distracted driving has been a contributing factor to 45 deaths annually and 204 life-changing injuries over the same period, which is why the law enforcement campaign has been lengthened to three weeks.

April has been designated as Distracted Driving Awareness Month by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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