Fergus Falls Courthouse Receives Letter with Unknown Substance

Fergus Falls Courthouse Receives Letter with Unknown Substance Click to Enlarge

FERGUS FALLS (KBRF) - Thursday morning the Fergus Falls Police and Fire departments responded to a threatening letter received at the federal building on South Mill Street in Fergus Falls where two people were located inside the building, and standard protocol was used to go inside, and get them out of the building safely.

Addressing local media around 11:40am, Fergus Falls Public Safety Chief Kile Bergren said Fergus Falls Police received a call around 9am from the US Marshalls Service that the Federal Courthouse located on South Mill Street in Fergus Falls had received a letter “threatening in nature”. Because of the specific nature of the threats, they believed it was a hazardous material situation.

Local Law Enforcement have been in contact with a number of state agencies, as well as federal agencies. Bergren says the letter *did* contain a particular threat, which is not being identified at this time. He says that after they had gone in and looked at the situation they didn’t necessarily think that it was a credible threat. Bergren said the threat appears to have been a biological agent that was placed in one of the envelopes mailed to the facility. He says the two unidentified people, who were escorted from the building are “apparently not showing any signs of anything or harm done.” Bergren says that what was done was from a precautionary standpoint.

The US Federal Marshals office will be heading up the investigation.

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