A Frozen Festivity For First Ice Block

A Frozen Festivity For First Ice Block Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--This week begins the construction of the Detroit Lakes Ice Palace with the first block of ice being harvested from Little Detroit Lake and the community won't let it happen without a celebration. Community partners will be on hand for the extraction of the "ice cakes", as they are known in the world of Ice Palace construction. Ice palace committee members say they are looking at harvesting 1500 blocks weighing 400 to 500 pounds a piece. Local sculptor Han Gilsdorf drew up a design for the palace that will have a 30-by-60-foot foot print and stand 24 feet tall. First ice cake will be harvested from Little Detroit Thursday, January 11th with a ceremony at 11:00 am at the City Beach complete with hot chocolate. In the Pavilion, the Becker County museum be exhibiting the history of Ice Harvesting that occurred for decades in Detroit Lakes. The exhibit will be on display beginning on Thursday through Saturday.

The actual building of the structure will take some time as Gilsdorf has never worked with ice and he anticipates it will be slow-going as the first blocks are set. The lighting ceremony for the palace is scheduled to coincide with the beginning of Polar Fest on February 8th--the chance for another celebration.

Volunteers are now being sought to be "Palace Protectors" throughout Polar Fest. If you'd like to volunteer call Tiffany at 218-849-7916 or email icepalace2018@gmail.com

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