Hands Free Bill Passes Final Committee

Hands Free Bill Passes Final Committee Click to Enlarge

PHOTO / Associated Press

A bill outlawing holding your cell phone while talking and driving passed its final committee today.

The House Ways and Means Committee passed the bill to ban talking and driving while holding your cell phone.

The move was authored by Representative Frank Hornstein. He says a law on the books will save lives.

"Distracted driving is the fastest growing cause of road accidents in Minnesota. This epidemic claimed 59 lives in 2017 and caused 223 serious injures."

He says the law will make the roads safer by requiring drivers to have a hands free mode when they talk on a cell phone in their car, but he says he'd prefer people just hang up and drive.

"Two hands on the wheel is critically important, but also concentrating on the road, absolutely important."

The state already has a law against texting and driving.

The bill passed through the Transportation Committee in January and the Judiciary Committee earlier this month.

The bill now moves to the house floor for debate.

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