Ice becoming unsafe says DNR

Ice becoming unsafe says DNR Click to Enlarge

(KBRF) - There have been at least four incidents of animals, people or both falling through ice and needing rescue in Minnesota communities in recent days.

In one case, a dog ran out onto a lake in Lino Lakes, broke through, and its owner ran after the dog and also fell in. In the Twin Cities, a horse fell through some ice.

Lieutenant Adam Block of the Department of Natural Resources says ice this time of year just isn't as sturdy. It needs to be twice as thick to support the same amount of weight it did in early winter.

The DNR says when ice is newly formed, it’s safe to walk on at a thickness of four inches, and to drive a standard-sized car on ice that is eight to 12 inches thick. Block recommends checking ice thickness with an auger or similar instrument every 150 feet or so – and says if you don’t have a way of checking the ice, you shouldn’t be out on it.

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