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DETROIT LAKES, MN--Come fall, Detroit Lakes School District will implement the "One Pick Up, One Drop Off" busing procedure. The six-member school board Monday night appeared to be in consensus with the busing proposal to limit each family to a single morning bus pick-up site and single afternoon drop-off site for their kids each day.

"I think it's gonna take a little time to settle in. People will get used to it. There may be a little blow-back when it begins next year but I think it's the right way to go." Board member Amy Erickson said.

Board members mentioned the availability of Becker County Transit as an option for after school activities.

Erickson said she recently utilized Becker County Transit to send her kids to and from the DLCCC and there was no problem.

Superintendent Doug Froke said the core of why the busing proposal came about was because of growing safety and cost issues. He pointed out the increasing incidences of kids being lost, or unable to track after school and adding another bus to accommodate all the requests would be costly. While all board members were on board with the concept, they requested a cleaned up version of the proposal be brought back at the June meeting for final approval.

In other Detroit Lakes School District news...

The Detroit Lakes Public Education Foundation's Laurie Lewandowski presented the district with $15,000 in grant awards. Lewandowski says there were 18 grant applications and they were able to fill 15 of them. She also pointed out that since the Education Foundation was started it has donated $100,000 in the last eight years to the district. On top of the Foundation's donation, SJE Rhombus donated nearly a $5,000 grant toward programming in Science Technology Engineering and Math or STEM through the Lego program run through Rossman Elementary.
After discussion and a 5-1 split vote, the school board agreed to approve two instructors for Freshman Seminars as the district moves forward with its implementation of the Academy Model at the high school. New board member John Steffl said he felt he hadn't been thoroughly informed about the Academy Model and was the lone dissenter. Staff on hand said they've been working on this move for the last year and a half. Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology, Renee Kerzman said Freshmen year is a year of transition and the seminars serve as a way for kids to learn the soft skills needed for their move. High School Principal Darren Wolf says the staff is trained and on board for implementation of the Academy model beginning with next year's Freshmen class.

The School Board also approved the contract for the new Activities Director. Rob Nielsen will begin July 1st, 2017, at the salary of $92,000. His contract includes recall rights to his former teaching position if his contract is terminated within five years.

After 40 years assisting seven superintendents, Colleen Schmit attended her final school board meeting before retiring at the end of the school year from her post as the secretary to the superintendent. Angie Shoemaker, from Rossman Elementary, was hired earlier this year as the new secretary to the superintendent.

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