Lakes Area Prepares for Historic Winter Storm

Lakes Area Prepares for Historic Winter Storm Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES (KDLM) - Lakes Area residents are preparing for another Winter Storm this week.

The National Weather Service has indicated that the storm Wednesday and Thursday could be "massive and possibly historic". Strong wind gusts are expected reaching over 55 mph

Many have speculated that conditions with this storm system could lead to overland flooding with all the snow we’ve already gotten this winter. Otter Tail County Emergency Management Director Patrick Waletzko says the weather service is predicting up to two inches of rain, followed by a transition to snow, with an accumulation of possibly about 2 inches of snow. He does say it’s likely that travel will be impacted and that MNDOT, and the Otter Tail County Sheriff's Office may issue “no travel warnings” and that people should abide by those and just stay put.

Waletzko says at this point, there is not a risk of overland flooding with this storm system. He added that we are certainly going to be adding density and weight to the snowpack simply because of the precipitation, whether it will be through the expected rain or snow, but it will certainly add to the moisture that's already in the snowpack-- but no true risk of flooding at this point.

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