Life Saver Awards Presented To Frazee Police Chief And Two Becker County Deputies

Life Saver Awards Presented To Frazee Police Chief And Two Becker County Deputies Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Frazee's police chief and two Becker County deputies are recognized by Becker County for their life-saving efforts in a water rescue this past summer. Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander and Becker County Commissioners presented Life Saver Awards to Frazee Police Chief Tyler Trieglaff, Becker County Sergeant Dan May and Deputy Daren Borth Tuesday. The three officers responded to a motor vehicle crash near Eagle Lake west of Frazee August 13th just after 1:30am. As they arrived the officers discovered the two occupants of the vehicle had fled the scene into the lake to avoid the officers. The officers heard the individuals in the water and spotted them about 100 yards from shore. The individuals were struggling and a female individual yelled stating she wasn't going to make it. The deputies took off their duty gear and began to swim to the individuals. Chief Trieglaff also took off his gear and inflated a raft he kept in this squad. Trieglaff proceeded with the raft following May and Borth toward the struggling individuals. Each deputy assisted one of the individuals helping them to the raft and brought them safely to shore where they were checked by Frazee Rescue and Perham EMS. Sheriff Glander says without the quick response and extraordinary efforts of the three officers, the outcome of the scene would have been much different.

The Lifesaver Award is given for saving or attempting to safe a life using modern life saving techniques and/or quick and appropriate action in attempting to save a life. No risk to the rescuer's own life is required. The act may occur during time of employment or assisting an individual while off duty. The recipient of the award receives a "Life Savers Certificate" presented by the Becker County Board of Commissioners.

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