May Day Ice Out For Detroit Lake

May Day Ice Out For Detroit Lake Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN—We’ve hit a springtime milestone. Today, May 1st, marks the “Ice Out” date for Detroit Lake. Local ice-out record-keeper Dick Heacock posted the announcement on his Facebook page this (Tuesday) morning. Hecock says the remnants on Big Detroit vanished during the 1/2 inch early morning rain.

Hecock noted that this year's ice-free date is eleven days later than the long-term average, but almost two weeks later than the average of the last 25 years, which has included two of the four March ice-outs in 126 years of record.

Hecock says May ice-outs are fairly common, occurring about one in eight years. But there have been two in the the previous ten years (2008, 2012). The latest ice-out is May 17, in 1950. He adds the DNR has a later date, May 19, in 1908, but our local data showed that April 19 was that year's ice-out.

Hecock writes "Owing to a late ice-over last fall, this winter ice covered Detroit for 147 days, somewhat less than the average of 151. 1920 and 1936 each saw 184 days of ice-cover, the longest duration; 2000 was the shortest, with only 110 days of ice."

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