MN Drivers Licence Problems Persist

MN Drivers Licence Problems Persist Click to Enlarge

(KNSI) - Minnesota motor vehicle officials believe they've fixed the statewide computer problem that prevented drivers from renewing their licenses.

Stearns County tweeted that the state system was down and that residents needing to renew their licenses should wait until the following day.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that Minnesota IT Services solved the issue Monday evening.

Stearns County sent out a new tweet on Tuesday morning saying the system was back up, and thanked people for their patience.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Bruce Gordon says the issue was related to software connecting the state's legacy computer system to a national database.

It's the latest problem in a series of information technology setbacks for the state's license offices.

The state introduced a $93 million database called MNLARS in July to keep track of vehicle registrations.

But the program has had a series of technical issues. Many DMVs have had to delay processing titles, tab renewals and transferring vanity license plates.

Gov. Mark Dayton's office says fixing the system may require an additional $43 million in state funding.

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