New Scam Alert: IRS Special Agent

New Scam Alert: IRS Special Agent Click to Enlarge

MOORHEAD, MN--There is another scam that is starting to make its way to our area. The Clay County Sheriff's Office reports the scam involves a person that identifies himself as a Special Agent working with the Attorney Generals Office and is working on behalf of the IRS. The scammer indicates that your bank account was used to set up illegal bank accounts for drug cartels in Texas. The scammer further advises that there is now a federal warrant out for your arrest unless you pay your fine off. The scammer identifies himself as Special Agent Josh Penn with a federal ID# 49281 and the caller ID shows a number of 312-500-7055.

The sheriff's office says do not give your personal information out to anyone over the phone. Also, law enforcement agencies will not ask you to pay for your warrant over the phone. If you are asked this, it is more than likely a scam and do not provide them with any personal information.

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