Otter Tail County Enforcing New Dock & Lift Ordinance

Otter Tail County Enforcing New Dock & Lift Ordinance Click to Enlarge

OTTER TAIL (KBRF) With summer getting in full swing now, lots of lake home residents are putting their docks and boat lifts out. They do however, need to be aware of a relatively new Dock and Riparian Use Ordinance.

New Otter Tail County Land and Resource Director Chris LeClair says that while the county-wide ordinance is very straight-forward, the office has had some cases that have been referred.

"When you get into curved shorelines, occasionally we get into situations where docks intersect each other and those are the issues we need to resolve with neighbors," LeClair says.

The ordinance indicates that only water front property owners may place docks and lifts in public water and they must be contained to their water front property; docks and lifts must be placed 5 feet away from property lines to allow neighboring property owners room as well as a variety of other requirements.

LeClair said the most important thing residents can do is call their office if they have questions before they put their lift or dock out and wind up with problems or issues that could have been avoided.

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