Otter Tail County seeking $3.1 million to increase recycling efforts

Otter Tail County seeking $3.1 million to increase recycling efforts Click to Enlarge

OTTER TAIL COUNTY (KBRF) - Otter Tail County is seeking $3.1 million in a bonding bill request to the legislature to retrofit its source-separated clean materials recovery facility to single-sort to process approximately four times the amount of material on an annual basis.

Statewide over 760 tons of recyclable material are currently not being recovered and instead are being disposed of. The county’s retrofitted materials recovery facility is expected to have a substantial positive impact on the entire region and increase recycling volume 20-30%.

"Right now, people are doing all of the sorting by we're going to need new equipment and we need more room", Public Information Director Shannon Terry stated.

While a recent move to single-sort recycling by Fergus Falls and Perham have shown a substantial increase in participation in recycling it also revealed a significant reduction in waste. An independent study, conducted in 2017, confirmed that retro-fitting the Fergus Falls site into a single-sort facility is the most fiscally responsible option compared to building a new facility or transporting materials to the metro area.

The proposed upgrade would add eleven permanent full-time employees, twenty-five construction jobs and $2 million in annual revenue. Otter Tail County has sought support from local leaders to introduce the bonding proposal. In response, Rep Bud Nornes introduced the bill HR 2756 this session in support of Otter Tail County’s ‘single-sort facility funding.

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