Pipeline Protesters Arrested in Hubbard County Monday

Pipeline Protesters Arrested in Hubbard County Monday Click to Enlarge

PARK RAPIDS, MN--Three pipeline protesters were detained by sheriff's deputies in Hubbard County Monday morning. According to the Hubbard County Sheriff's Office, around 10:30am Monday the report of 20-30 protesters on private property 15-miles north of Park Rapids on 300th Street came into the office. Officers responded to find about six vehicles parked on the road and 20 protesters either on the road or chained to logging equipment that was parked in the area. Hanging from the logging equipment were anti-pipeline banners. The Sheriff's office says the property owner advised the protesters to leave the property but three individuals refused and remained chained to the equipment. Deputies had to cut the chains and bolts to free the one male and two females who were then taken into custody on trespassing charges.

Being held in Hubbard County Jail after Monday's protest:

22 year old Frances Wetherall

25 year old Mary Wetherall

28 year old Jonas Mccluggage

Acknowledging environmental groups' objection to the proposed Enbridge Line 3 pipeline upgrade, the Minnesota Court of Appeals today (Mon) ordered the state to re-do an environmental impact statement to look at potential impact of an oil spill into the Lake Superior watershed. It's another delay for backers of the controversial project, and Nancy Norr with the group Jobs for Minnesotans says,

"The very objective that these groups apparently stand for is to protect the environment, and yet they are creating the very delays that could cause an unfortunate situation to occur with this aging pipeline."

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