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DETROIT LAKES, MN--Detroit Lakes Police Chief Steve Todd presented Tuesday night to the Detroit Lakes City Council new standard equipment purchased for officers. Chief Todd pulled a black vest with POLICE in white letters across the chest and a black helmet out of a plastic storage tub and held it up in front of the council saying unfortunately the equipment is now a standard for police departments, but he was thankful to have the funding to purchase it for officers for those calls where they don't know if they'll come home. The Chief says he was able to purchase the vests through a combination of state and federal reimbursement programs for uniforms and the funding for the ballistic helmets was with money saved from not having to pay software maintenance fees for their Zuercher program in 2017. The Chief says the department had a software maintenance budget of $15,000 and did not spend it, so they allocated some the money for the helmets. The total cost for the 7 vests was $2,397 and the total cost for the helmets was $1,680. Todd says the police department still came in at over $10,000 under budget for the year and that is not counting roughly $14,310 in unbudgeted revenues which consist of reimbursements, grants and payments for contract details.

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