Sort of a Big Deal For Becker County Recycling Program

Sort of a Big Deal For Becker County Recycling Program Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Becker County Environmental Services has a couple of things to celebrate this week.

First, the opening of its Material Recovery Facility, also referred to as a "MERF", where the recyclables we toss into the blue carts at our homes or businesses are taken and sorted and eventually sold to larger operations who reuse the materials. Becker County Environmental Services' Sandy Gunderson says the new MRF has been up and running for about a week. (Click here for why Sandy says this is a big deal.)

Becker County Environmental Services' also learned this week that the recycling program will receive funding included in the bonding bill recently signed by Governor Mark Dayton. Gunderson says the county wrote a proposal to include an addition to the MRF in the bonding bill. (Click here to hear for what the bonding money will be used)

The addition will cost $1.5 million, half will come from the recently passed bonding bill and half from the county. The new material recovery facility was part of a matching grant that included the building of the new transfer station which totaled about $4.5 million. The material recovery facility is staffed by the county's inmates in the Sentence to Serve program.

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