St. Cloud Hospital Warns of Phone Scammers

St. Cloud Hospital Warns of Phone Scammers Click to Enlarge

(KNSI RADIO/ST.CLOUD) St. Cloud Hospital says scammers are trying to use the hospital's good name to steal credit card information.

People get an automated call that states "St. Cloud Hospital Credit Card Company needs payment for a credit card limit that has been reached," and then the call transfers to a person who will request credit card information.

The phone calls appear to originate from St. Cloud Hospital because the scammers alter the caller ID to show the hospital's name and phone number.

CentraCare Health says, while the business office does call patients to help resolve payment questions, it doesn't use an automated system and does not identify itself as "St. Cloud Hospital Credit Card Company."

Officials say the scammers have no access to any CentraCare Health data.

CentraCare says anyone with any doubt about the legitimacy of a call or of providing personal information of the phone to any CentraCare Health representative, can call the business office at 320-255-5622, or 800-835-6618.

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