Tree Trimming scam hits area

Tree Trimming scam hits area Click to Enlarge

FERGUS FALLS (KBRF) - A new scam is passing through the area. Two unknown males impersonating city of Fergus Falls workers started trimming branches of a tree on a property in the 200 Block of West Washington Avenue. The victim was approached by the pair and told they could finish what they were doing, but that the victim needed to pay a $250 fee for them to continue.

The victim wrote them a check and when he returned back into his home and came back out they were gone and had not finished the work promised or cleaned up any the brush. The victim then called the Fergus Falls Police Department to see if the city had crews out doing this. One of the suspects used his ID to cash the check received at a local Fergus Falls bank. Police remind residents that the city never charges money at the door, but will instead send a bill in the mail.

Police urge residents to call City Hall to verify first, before writing any kind of check for services. Also just because a worker is wearing reflective clothing does not necessarily mean they are with the City of Fergus Falls. A suspect has been identified and Fergus Falls Police continue to investigate.

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