Vaccines Required for students enrolling in MN Schools

Vaccines Required for students enrolling in MN Schools Click to Enlarge

FERGUS FALLS (KBRF) - Often overlooked, but now mandated by all school districts in the state, childhood vaccinations are needed before you can send your child to school in the fall.

Assistant Public Health Director Jody Lien says despite what some on the internet say, vaccines are safe and can protect your child as well as other students; "We strongly encourage parents or guardians to vaccinate their children - it is safe. If there are concerns we encourage people to discuss those concerns with their medical provider".

Lien also emphasized that when children are not vaccinated, they are at increased risk for some very deadly diseases, as well as those around them, like babies who are too young to be vaccinated and people with weakened immune systems.

Minnesota immunization law requires that in order for a child to enroll in child care, early education programs, or school a parent must show they have received immunizations or an exemption.

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