MN Has Huge Discrepancy in Insurance Rates

Carol McCarthy | Jul 19, 2017 AT 9:26 am

If you have a good driving record but think your car insurance premium is too high, a new survey says your credit score could be the problem.

Becker County Sheriff Says Door-to-Door Vacuum Sales Legit, Still Use Caution

Carol McCarthy | Jul 19, 2017 AT 9:14 am

The Becker County Sheriff addresses public concern over door-to-door vacuum salesmen.

A Summer Concert Can Help Boost Your Mood

Jul 13, 2017 AT 11:17 am

For many people, summer means concert season, as bands and other musical acts hit the road and people flock to see them - even groups that might not have had a new hit in decades.

Closing Time: All DL Parks Now Close at 10:30pm

Carol McCarthy | Jul 13, 2017 AT 10:49 am

Closing times of Detroit Lakes parks are now in sync.

Becker County News

Carol McCarthy | Jul 13, 2017 AT 10:42 am

Becker County Commissioners Give Go-Ahead to Construct New Jail