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DHS discovers more improper payments, counties asked to chip in

The payments for substance abuse treatments, foster care and a welfare assistance program total more than $10 million.

Democrats offer Trump chance to testify, and he says he might do it — in writing

The president's surprise announcement comes after Democrats invited him to defend himself against accusations that he tried to bribe a foreign country to help himself politically.

Contractor Ricardo Batres pleads guilty in rare labor trafficking case

A construction contractor accused of exploiting immigrant workers was supposed to face criminal charges in a first-of-its-kind trial in Hennepin County this week. But Batres, 47, instead pleaded guilty Monday to labor trafficking and insurance fraud.

Historic James J. Hill Center on sale for the first time in its history

Originally a reference library, in more recent years the building has served as a popular wedding, event and nonprofit business center. But in July, the center closed to the public after serving St. Paul for 98 years, citing financial struggles.

Signs of trouble ahead for Lake Superior's historic lake herring fishery

The cisco is a fish in demand: Its meat graces Passover tables as gefilte fish, and its eggs are a delicacy in Scandinavia. Commercial fishing operations on Lake Superior’s North Shore depend on it. But there are signs that the cisco, also known as lake h…

Walz calls for public hearings to break insulin impasse

The governor says public hearings with testimony from experts and advocates for cheaper insulin could provide the necessary push to reach a deal that Minnesota lawmakers could pass in a one-day special session before the holidays.

Legislative veterans retire as new generation seeks power

Three veteran DFL lawmakers who have announced their retirements had each been facing challengers from within their party.

Mayo Clinic goes on low-salt diet — for roads and sidewalks

Every day, thousands of patients come to Mayo Clinic in Rochester seeking medical care, so it’s no place for dangerously icy sidewalks or parking lots. Yet despite last winter being one of the snowiest on record, Mayo reduced its salt use by 60 percent fr…

MSP officials: TSA not holding up its end on security staffing as hotel checkpoint closes

Airport officials decried the closure of one of six checkpoints at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport Monday, saying the Transportation Security Administration reneged on a commitment to keep airport security screening fully staffed.

A Beautiful World: Roadless wilderness under attack

For two decades the roadless rule has protected millions of acres of pristine national forests from road construction, mining, and logging. The policy is now threatened by new proposed laws.