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Recent articles by Carol McCarthy

Friday's State News

Dec 31, 1969 AT 6:00 pm

ND Drought: How Will It Affect Young Farmers?

Dec 31, 1969 AT 6:00 pm

At the beginning of August, the Farmers Union called for federal disaster payments to assist livestock and crop producers. Last week, Gov. Doug Burgum asked President Donald Trump for a disaster declaration, saying the state is "the epicenter of drought for the nation."

Pipeline Proposal takes Giant Step Forward in MN

Dec 31, 1969 AT 6:00 pm

With high stakes and heated comments reminiscent of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline, supporters and critics of the new Enbridge pipeline through Northern Minnesota are ready to pounce on the final Environmental Impact Statement.

Church Leader: "Stand Up" against Hate Groups in Minnesota

Dec 31, 1969 AT 6:00 pm

A national anti-racism group this week published a map that shows 10 hate groups based in Minnesota.

Congressional Leaders Come to Rural Minnesota – to Listen

Dec 31, 1969 AT 6:00 pm

Only three listening sessions have been scheduled in advance of the new farm bill in Congress, and one of those is Thursday in Morgan, near Redwood Falls.