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Hodge Podge: Hospice of the Red River Valley, March 21st with Heather Larson

Carol McCarthy | Mar 28, 2019 AT 09:36 am

Heather Larson, a social worker from Hospice of the Red River Valley shares information on u​p-coming grief support opportunities in Detroit Lakes and Perham. She also speaks about services offered through Hospice.

Hodge Podge: Kelcey Klemm & Ron Zeman

Zeke Fuhrman | Nov 14, 2018 AT 11:07 am

DL City Administrator Kelcey Klemm and Alderman Ward One Ron Zeman join Charlie Newland on Hodge Podge to talk about Tuesday's City Counsel meeting and some upcoming projects for the city.

Election 2018: Part 2 Lake Park Audubon School Board LWV Forum, October 30, 2018

Zeke Fuhrman | Nov 01, 2018 AT 10:06 am

Six candidates vying for four, 4-year seats participated in a League of Women Voters forum on October 30, 2018 at the Lake Park Audubon High School Gym. (Audio from Fundamental Technologies, with permission to publish from Detroit Lakes Area League of Women Voters)

Election 2018: Lake Park Audubon School Board Candidates LWV Forum October 30th, 2018

Carol McCarthy | Nov 01, 2018 AT 08:40 am

Six candidates are vying for four seats on the LPA School Board. They participated in a League of Women Voters Forum on October 30th the Lake Park Audubon High School Gym. (Audio from Fundamental Technologies with permission from the Detroit Lakes League of Women Voters)

10-26-18 Hodge Podge DL Academy and Referendum with Vern Schnathorst, Josh Omang, Dave Knopf, Ron Sprafka

Carol McCarthy | Oct 26, 2018 AT 10:32 am

DLHS teachers Vern Schnathorst and Josh Omang speak about the Academy in its second year. Detroit Lakes residents Ron Sprafka and Dave Knopf talk about their support of the Detroit Lakes School District's nearly $50 million building referendum on the 2018 Ballot.

Election 2018: League of Women Voters Candidate Forum October 22, 2018: Detroit Lakes School Board

Carol McCarthy | Oct 23, 2018 AT 10:43 am

DL School Board Candidates forum ran a little less than an hour as the four candidates on hand responded to eight questions having to do with support of the bond referendum up for a vote in November. All were in support of the latest plan. Were about how to recruit new teachers and a more diverse teaching staff, how district can help students to graduate "workforce ready" or to graduate and enter a skilled vocational program, how to use land purchased by the district north of town and thoughts on fully funding Pre-K in the district.

Election 2018: League of Women Voters Candidate Forum October 22, 2018: Detroit Lakes City Council

Carol McCarthy | Oct 23, 2018 AT 07:24 am

Candidates for two At-Large seats: Natalie Bly, Beth Pridday, Madalyn Suuke and John Thorpe and unopposed incumbent for Ward 3, Matt Boeke participated in the LWV Forum at M-State on October 22nd, 2018. Candidates fielded a range of questions in an hour's time having to do with the 1/2% sales tax financing a new police facility; the city's role in economic development; the West Lake Drive Plan; the Pavilion plan and Adam Thielen (that's right).

Election 2018: Minnesota House District 2B Candidate Karen Branden

Carol McCarthy | Oct 22, 2018 AT 12:31 pm

Karen Branden of Rochert is the DFL candidate for Minnesota House District 2B.

Election 2018: Detroit Lakes Ward 2 Candidate Jay Schurman, Incumbent

Carol McCarthy | Oct 18, 2018 AT 07:21 am

Candidate for Detroit Lakes Ward 2, Jay Schurman, is the incumbent running to retain his seat. He's been on the Detroit Lakes City Council for four years. Schurman is a realtor in town and was first elected as Alderman for Ward 3 before he moved across town and as it worked out, a seat had been vacated in his new Ward, he ran and was reelected in Ward 2.

Election 2018: LWV Forum, October 16 in Detroit Lakes, House Representatives for Districts 2B and 4B

Carol McCarthy | Oct 17, 2018 AT 08:00 am

Candidates for House Representative districts 2B and 4B fielded about a half dozen questions for an hour at last night's forum. District 2B DFL challenger Karen Branden of Rochert and 2B GOP incumbent Steve Green of Fosston and District 4B GOP Challenger Jason Peterson and 4B DFL incumbent Paul Marquart were on hand and fielded questions on legacy funding, health care, water quality, restoring right to vote to convicted felons and climate change.​

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