The first time listed is the start of the pre-game show. The second time listed is the time the game starts. Programming Schedule subject to change at anytime


1-Feb Minnesota Twins Deep Cuts 6:30-7
  Wild @ Calgary Flames 9:00/9:15
2-Feb Laker Boys Hockey @ Wadena Deer Creek 6:45/7:00
3-Feb Laker BBB vs Sauk Rapids-Rice 7:15/7:30
4-Feb Laker BBB vs Sartell 2:15/2:30
  Wolves vs Memphis Grizzlies 7:30/8:00
6-Feb Wolves vs Miami Heat 6:30/7:00
7-Feb Laker Boys Hockey @ Pequot Lakes 6:45/7:00
8-Feb Twins Deep Cuts 6:30-7
  Wild vs Chicago Blackhawks 7:00/7:15
9-Feb Laker Girls Hockey Playoffs @ Park Rapids 6:45/7:00
10-Feb Laker Boys Hockey vs Pequot Lakes 7:15/7:30
11-Feb Gopher Men's Basketball @ Rutgers 10:30/11
  Gopher Men's Hockey @ Ohio State 6:30/7
12-Feb Wild vs Detroit Red Wings 2:00/2:15
13-Feb Laker Girls Hockey Playoffs TBD
14-Feb Laker Boys Hockey @ Park Rapids
  OR Laker GBB/BBB double header @ Moorhead
15-Feb Twins Deep Cuts 6:30-7
  Wolves @ Denver Nuggets 7:30/8
16-Feb Laker Boys Hockey vs Little Falls 7:00/7:15
17-Feb Laker GBB vs Albany OR Laker BBB @ Albany 7:15/7:30
18-Feb Wild vs Nashville Predators 7:00/7:15
19-Feb Gopher Men's Basketball vs Michigan TBD
21-Feb Laker Boys Hockey Playoffs TBD
  OR Laker BBB vs Crosby-Ironton 7:00/7:15
22-Feb Twins Deep Cuts 6:30-7
  Gopher Men's Basketball @ Maryland 7:00/7:30
23-Feb Laker Boys Hockey Playoffs TBD
  OR Laker BBB vs Albany 7:00/7:15
24-Feb TWINS SPRING OPENER vs Tampa Bay Rays 6:00/6:05
25-Feb Laker Boys Hockey Playoffs TBD
  OR Laker BBB vs Grand Rapids 2:15/2:30
  Wolves @ Houston Rockets 7:30/8
26-Feb Twins vs Washington Nationals 12:00/12:05
27-Feb Wild vs Los Angeles Kings 7:00/7:15
28-Feb Laker GBB Playoffs vs TBD 7:00/7:15
  OR Wild @ Winnipeg Jets 7:00/7:15