Fall Community Education Classes Announced in Detroit Lakes

JT Thaden | Sep 22, 2020 AT 1:07 pm

This school year, due to the health and safety protocols in place for Detroit Lakes Public Schools, Community Education will be working with community partners to find alternative locations to school buildings to hold enrichment classes.

Frazee Man is World Renowned Metal Detectorist

JT Thaden | Sep 22, 2020 AT 5:27 am

Terry Shannon, a retired Becker County Sheriff and former Police Chief in Perham spends his summers in Minnesota and his winters along the Treasure Coast in Florida, treasure hunting.

Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce Offers Free Stickers as a Reminder to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

JT Thaden | Sep 21, 2020 AT 9:14 pm

The stickers which read, "spread love not germs" and "together we can stop the spread" have been provided by Lakeshirts/Blue84Stickers.

Verndale Man Attempts to Shoot Deputies

JT Thaden | Sep 21, 2020 AT 8:56 pm

Dennis Uselman of Verndale is now awaiting formal charges.

Minnesota Department of Health will Conduct Door-to-Door COVID Surveys in Detroit Lakes

JT Thaden | Sep 21, 2020 AT 5:38 pm

The Department of Health plans to be in Detroit Lakes this Thursday thru Saturday (Sept. 24-26) and in Osage and Ponsford next week.