Becker County Fire Departments Hold 2nd Annual Recruitment Night June 15th

Becker County Fire Departments Hold 2nd Annual Recruitment Night June 15th Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Area fire departments are holding their 2nd annual recruitment night, Monday, June 15th. Some of the participating fire departments include those in the communities of Audubon, Detroit Lakes and Frazee.

Frazee Fire Chief Joe Nelson says their open house is from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday night.

"Anyone 18 years old and older can stop in, check out the equipment, ask any questions and learn how the department works."

Nelson says there are 24 members currently on the Frazee Fire Department and he may staff up to 30 members. It's a paid, on-call department.

"Twenty-four may sound like a lot...Frazee is a smaller community so members may work elsewhere and depending on what time of the day we get calls depends on who is able to show up...some can leave work and some cannot leave work," Nelson said.

The department typically handles about 70 to 90 calls annually.

Nelson has been on the department for 10 years, second year as full-time chief. He says he joined the fire department because he wanted to give back to the community where he grew up.

Detroit Lakes Fire Department will also be open from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday, June 15th. Detroit Lakes Fire Chief Ryan Swanson invites anyone 18 and older to stop in and pick up an application. He says there are also applications on the city's website.

Swanson says Detroit Lakes, all area fire departments and fire departments across the country are in need of more members to serve their communities. He says Detroit Lakes has a committed group of around 26 firefighters serving Detroit Lakes. Swanson says the DLFD logs about 4000 hours a year--he says that's taking into account each firefighter's time for training and the fire calls.

If you live in another Becker County Community, check with your local fire department to see if they are participating in the June 15th Fire Department Recruitment Night.

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