Becker County Jail Construction Seeing Great Progress

Becker County Jail Construction Seeing Great Progress Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Construction of the new Becker County Jail continues moving forward. Becker County Administrator Jack Ingstad says construction is on schedule and on budget. He says construction is at the point where cell delivery has begun and the last of the cells should arrive in the next couple of weeks. The jail cells are pre-manufactured, come fully built and dropped into place. Ingstad says construction crews on site hook them up to electrical and the other utilities. Ingstad says as the building comes together a couple of plans need to be in place: A transition plan to move prisoners from the current jail location to the new jail on Highway 59 and also an operational plan for running the new facility needs to be approved by the State Department of Corrections. Ingstad says the transition plan also will include the transferring of inmates who are housed at several other facilities because of space issues to the new jail site. Those plans need to be in place prior to their anticipated move-in date of the end of December of this year. Becker County last year spent over 600-thousand dollars to house inmates at several other jails around the region. The cost of the new 186-bed jail is around 19-million dollars.

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