Becker County Transfer Station Wants to Reuse Your Trash

Becker County Transfer Station Wants to Reuse Your Trash Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES (KDLM) - The Becker County Transfer Station will begin a study in September to determine how to reuse rather than incinerate more items being discarded.

About 50-60% of garbage that comes "off the curb" is incinerated at the Becker County Transfer Station, Steve Scoog, Becker County Environmental Administrator says there is, however an opportunity to reuse a lot of the other items coming in. "People bring out demolition materials, electronics...a lot of those items are reusable. Remodeling jobs for instance, people bring out windows and cabinets that are still good and right now they go into our demolition landfill. What we would like to do is start pulling out some of those products and giving other people an opportunity to reuse them."

Becker County is able to recycle about 40% of their 'waste stream' right now, but they would like to increase that number over time.

The study will likely begin in September and run through December.

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