Becker County Turns Out on Election Night

Becker County Turns Out on Election Night Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--The ballots arrived after polls closed at 8:00pm first as a trickle into the Becker County Courthouse on Election Night, then the flood gates opened as paper ballots from the 48 precincts were delivered, hand counted, and results uploaded to the county website and Minnesota Secretary of State Office before 11:00pm. According to Becker County Auditor Treasurer Mary Hendrickson, the initial results indicate Tuesday's turnout in Becker County was 76.93 percent of eligible voters. Which amounted to 14,920 people who turned out at the poles out of the 19,393 registered voters in the county. Hendrickson said during her visits to some of the precincts throughout Election Day long-time election judges said this Mid-Term Election turnout was equal to that of the 2016 Presidential General Election. There were over 400 election judges dispersed throughout the 48 precincts plus dozens of Becker County Staff and election judges who aided in receiving and counting the ballots at the Court House Tuesday night in Detroit Lakes.

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