Cellphone Theft Ring in Lakes Area Busted

Cellphone Theft Ring in Lakes Area Busted Click to Enlarge

Fergus Falls Police helped bust a major theft ring affecting many Walmart stores around the state involving thefts of cell phones on Tuesday just after midnight. A Walmart employee contacted police as they observed five males trying to break into cell phone a cell phone display case.

Police say they had attempted to break open a lock that was on a door of the case. The five males were then apparently confronted by store employees, but subsequently left the store without any merchandise. Fergus Falls Police, however, were able to apprehend the men a short time later in the Walmart parking lot.

All five suspects were from the St. Cloud area, with four of the males being identified as juveniles. The lone adult in the group, a 19 year old, was identified as Yasin Sharif Osman, also of St. Cloud.

All suspects were booked into the Otter Tail County Jail on felony possession of stolen property. Additional charges are expected from the jurisdictions where the other thefts took place. It is unknown how many additional Walmart stores were hit in the theft ring statewide.

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