City of Detroit Lakes Updates Noise Ordinance

City of Detroit Lakes Updates Noise Ordinance Click to Enlarge

The addition of monetary penalties for establishments who violate Detroit Lakes' noise ordinance is among amendments to the Detroit Lakes noise ordinance that are moving toward passage before the main tourist season. Detroit Lakes City Council held a public hearing and approved the first reading of the amendments to Ordinance 505. City administrator Kelcey Klemm summarized the amendments that were drawn up by the Liquor and Gambling Committee.

"This stems from comments that we received last summer," Klemm said. "We had a Liquor Ordinance 101 session. A lot of the liquor license holders were there. We also talked about the Noise Permit process. Some of the feedback we received was if we would consider some sort of seasonal permit. There was also some discussion about establishing what the penalties would be if someone violates the Nose Permit so everyone knows what to expect in case there was a violation."

The season noise permit for establishments to extend the hours of their high decibels May through August would be $500 for Friday and Saturday nights and any holiday that would fall during the week. The usual permit is $75 a day. The more aggressive penalties include a $500 fine for the first offense, a $1000 fine for the second violation within 12 months, $1500 for the third within 12 months and revocation of the liquor license thereafter. The second reading of the noise ordinance amendments will be at the March meeting.

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