The Cold Facts: Local November Weather Statistics

The Cold Facts: Local November Weather Statistics Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--We had one of the earliest ice-overs on Detroit Lake in recent weather history, indicating a cold November this year. The November 12th ice-on date for Detroit Lake was nine days earlier than the average of 109 years of records, and about 17 days earlier than November 27, the mean ice-over date of the preceding 20 years.

Weather statistics for November have been compiled by Leighton Broadcasting for the Detroit Lakes area. The average daily high temperature was 32 degrees. The warmest day in November was on the 16th when we reached 45 degrees. The coldest daytime high was 10 degrees on November 11th. The average overnight low was 20 degrees. The coldest overnight low was 1 degree on November 11th. The warmest overnight was 32 degrees on the 1st and the 19th.

We had 15 days of precipitation, three of those were measurable snow. The most snowfall was on the last day of November, the 30th, when we recorded 8.5-inches. The total snowfall for the month was 9.25-inches. The total precipitation/melt amount was 1.37-inches for November. The total snowfall so far for Winter 2019-2020 (beginning Oct. 2019 through November) is 12.45-inches. The total precipitation/melt for 2019 through November is 30.97-inches.

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