DAPL Shutdown Could Spell Trouble for Enbridge Line 3 Project in Minnesota

DAPL Shutdown Could Spell Trouble for Enbridge Line 3 Project in Minnesota Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES (KDLM) - A U.S.District judge has ruled the Dakota Access Pipeline has to be shut down by August 5, ending its three year run of sending oil from North Dakota’s oil patch to key petroleum refineries across the country until a more extensive environmental review is completed on the controversial project.

The ruling could spell trouble for the Enbridge Line 3 Project, the $2.9-billion U.S. portion of the Line 3 Replacement Program, known as the Line 3 Replacement Project, consists of replacing existing 34-inch pipe with new 36-inch pipe for 13 miles in North Dakota, 337 miles in Minnesota, and 14 miles in Wisconsin.

Pipeline opponents have argued for years that the Dakota Access Pipeline Project is an environmental danger; Honor The Earth a Non-Profit that has long been opposed both pipelines has publicly stated that once the Dakota Access pipeline is defeated and the pipe is removed they'll carry their fight and focus back to Line 3.

They argue the proposed route endangers three of the continent’s major watersheds including the Great Lakes, home to one fifth of the world’s fresh water and the heart of Ojibwe treaty lands, where members retain the rights to hunt, fish, gather, hold ceremony, and travel.

Enbridge however defends the Line 3 Project as essential arguing the replacement will ensure that Enbridge can transport the crude oil required by refiners in Minnesota, neighboring states, Eastern Canada and the Gulf Coast.

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