Frazee Man is World Renowned Metal Detectorist

Frazee Man is World Renowned Metal Detectorist Click to Enlarge

FRAZEE (KDLM) - A local Frazee man has become a world renowned metal detectorist and now he's sharing his passion in a new book.

Terry Shannon, a retired Becker County Sheriff and former Police Chief in Perham spends his summers in Minnesota and his winters along the Treasure Coast in Florida, treasure hunting. Among his finds are numerous valuable rings and other types of jewelry, more than a dozen Spanish coins from a 1715 Fleet.

Shannon says he bought his first metal detector from the owners of Ketters Meats in Frazee – thinking something was wrong with the detector after walking his yard, he went to Fargo and bought a brand new top of the line model only to discover he had been walking right over the top of his copper line for his propane furnace. "It turned out to be one the best things that ever happened to me, sometimes being stupid really pays off. I ended up with a top of the line metal detector and because of that I made some terrific finds and we went down to the Treasure Coast and I spend each day down there with my metal detector and I've done really well."

His new book, Detecting the Treasure Coast was released in May as he shares his experience as one of the world's best metal detectors. The book is available in paperback as well as an ebook.

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