Frazee Vergas School District Holds Special Election this Week

Frazee Vergas School District Holds Special Election this Week Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Voters in the Frazee Vergas School District this week head to the polls for a special election. Security and classroom updates, a new addition with new gym, locker room and auditorium, a new outdoor running track and relocated football field are among the items included in a $25.6 million bond referendum up for a special election in the Frazee Vergas School District Tuesday, May 14th.

Breaking down the costs of the various aspects of the referendum, Superintendent Terry Karger says $10 million will go toward revamping the parking lot and student pickup and drop off areas with new secure entrances each entrance at the Elementary and High Schools.

Just under $7 Million will go toward a new addition, which will address an aging section of the school and build a new auditorium. Karger explains the addition in this referendum is based on follow-up after the failure of the two questions on the November ballot. He says a community task force was formed to come up with a revised plan which included an auditorium. Just over $2 Million dollars will be used to relocate the track and football field. About a million dollars will go toward pre-Kindergarten and community ed space. And he says the rest of the money is architectural and planning costs associated with a project.

Superintendent Karger said there is an advantage of passing a bond referendum in May as opposed to waiting to vote in the fall and that has to do interest rates. Karger says if this bond passes, the school district would be able to consolidate with the bond that passed last November and only pay for issuance once. He says selling the two bonds are much more marketable and would drive interest rates even lower.

Voters in November approved moving ahead with part three of a three-question bond referendum. That question that passed was just under $4 million and is to renovate the elementary school.

The special election is Tuesday, May 14th.

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