Governor Walz Extends Peace Time Emergency Again

Governor Walz Extends Peace Time Emergency Again Click to Enlarge

ST. PAUL (KNSI) - Governor Tim Walz Wednesday issued a pair of executive orders, the first order, EO-283, extends the Governor's March 13th order declaring a Peace Time Emergency for 30 days. In the order, Governor Walz stated that the COVID-19 pandemic, an act of nature, continues to endanger life and property in Minnesota, and local resources are inadequate to address the threat. The Peace Time Emergency Declaration was extended to September 11th.

The second Executive Orde, EO20-84, rescinds Eexecutive Order 20-15, which directed the Department of Employment and Economic Development to fund the Small Business Emergency Loan Program, EO216, which directed non-hospital entities to take inventory of their personal protective equipment and EO20-32, which permitted the Minnesota Department of Health to delay, waive, or modify a number of health-related statutory and regulatory requirements for healthcare facilities. The new Executive Order, EO20-84, also rescinds a portion of EO20-23, which required that prescription drug orders for chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine must contain an appropriate diagnosis and be dispensed for no more than 30 days at a time.

Both orders are effective immediately.

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