Governor Walz to Visit Red River Valley Tuesday

Governor Walz to Visit Red River Valley Tuesday Click to Enlarge

ST. PAUL, MN--Minnesota Governor Tim Walz says his administration is looking at ways to help farmers in northwestern Minnesota who are dealing with a delayed harvest, a result of wet fields. Walz says farmers in the Red River Valley may need some help from the state.

"These are folks that are experiencing catastrophic both economic and emotional issues, and we want to make sure that we get it right," Walz said. "I'm hearing from folks, certainly old-timers in this -- it doesn't matter (if it's) soybean, potato, sugar, wheat -- they're saying unprecedented. They've not seen it like this."

Walz says he's especially concerned about potato growers and the sugar beet crop. A group of Republicans in the Minnesota House has asked the governor to declare a flood emergency, plus request a disaster declaration from the U-S Agriculture Department. Roseau Representative Dan Fabian says a governor's order, paired with federal declarations, would give farmers access to financial assistance, plus help with emergency road repairs.

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