Ho, Ho, Snow: Local Weather Stats for December

Ho, Ho, Snow: Local Weather Stats for December Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--December saw 12 days of measurable snow in the Detroit Lakes area. Weather statistics for the last month of 2019 have been compiled by Leighton Broadcasting studios in Detroit Lakes. There were 13 days of precipitation in December, 12 of those had measurable snowfall. The most snow fell on December 28th we received seven inches. The total for the month was 31.8-inches of snow. The total precipitation/melt for December was 2.12-inches. The total snowfall so far for Winter 2019-2020 (beginning Oct. 2019 through December 2019) is 44.25-inches.The total precipitation/melt for 2019 through December is 33.09-inches.

The average daily high temperature for December 2019 was 25-degrees. The warmest daytime high was 46-degrees on the 22nd. The coldest daytime high was 4-degrees on December 11th. The average overnight low temperature was 6-degrees. The coldest overnight low was -22-degrees on December 11th. The warmest overnight low was 27-degrees on the 25th.

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