Holiday Hiring in MN to Benefit Existing Workers

Holiday Hiring in MN to Benefit Existing Workers Click to Enlarge

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The holiday season is inching closer, and many retailers and transportation companies have bolstered their staffs to handle the crunch.

But this year, a Minnesota expert says there might be a shift in how some of that extra work is handed out.

Oriane Casale, the interim labor market information director for the State of Minnesota, says in transportation and warehousing, actual hiring in the state was down in October when compared with the previous year.

But she adds that hours have been increasing, which bodes well for existing workers looking for extra income.

"So it does seem like in this tight labor market, when it is difficult to hire people, that is one of the solutions that employers are using," she states.

Casale says in transportation and warehousing, hours were up 3% from October of 2018. On the retail side, she says companies are ticking up hiring in general, with last month's number up nearly 1% from the previous year.

Casale says allowing existing workers to feel the benefit can be seen as a morale boost. She says those who need a side job are important, too. But she adds that companies also can do right by giving their current staff more opportunities.

"What we like to see is employers not only hiring more people, but also improving the working conditions," she stresses. "For example, by offering more full-time hours to their current employees."

Nationally, the job recruiting website recently reported that retail job postings were up by 4% this year.

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