Horse Fatally Shot in Wadena County

Horse Fatally Shot in Wadena County Click to Enlarge

WADENA, MN--Authorities in Wadena County are investigating the report of a horse fatally shot near Nimrod during last week's fire arm deer season.

The Wadena County sheriff’s office received a phone call just after 2:30pm., Wednesday from a property owner who returned home to find the smaller colt shot in the abdomen and frozen on the ground.

The incident occurred northwest of Nimrod.

In a news release, the sheriff's office says a deputy responded to the location where they were met by the property owner and directed to the inside of the horse stables at the west side of the barn. The deputy then located the colt, brown in color, that was lying on its side with a visible bullet hole to its abdomen area. The property owner explained the horse was last checked on three days prior.

The deputy searched for any nearby hunters in the area and attempted contact with neighboring landowners. There are no suspects at this time.

This incident is under investigation by the sheriff’s office, and anyone with information is asked to call 218-631-7600.

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