Kerzman & Koep win 13th Annual Reel Country Classic

Kerzman & Koep win 13th Annual Reel Country Classic Click to Enlarge

OTTER TAIL (KDLM) - The 13th Annual Reel Country Classic wrapped up today on Otter Tail Lake with over 70 teams competing.

The overall winner and top Lund Boat finisher was the team of Kerzman & Koep with 12 fish caught and a combined weight of 33.88 lbs. That beat the 2nd place finishers, Setterholm & Klick by just 2.25 lbs who reeled in 12 fish with a combined weight of 31.63 lbs.

Mike Kerzman says their secret was "fishing hard for two days and using good bait - we rigged in 10-15 feet of water all weekend".

Day two saw its challenges with a lot of wind and choppy waters on Otter Tail Lake, "it was tough fishing out there, but we just kept working away at it and the fish started biting pretty good, Kerkman said.

The winner of the Day Two Biggest Walleye contest went to team Pavlacky & Pavlacky with a 7.95 lbs walleye. That also was the biggest walleye caught all weekend.

Only one Northern was caught Saturday that weighed in at 6.27 lbs by team Setterholm & Oothoud. The largest Northern of the weekend was 8.49 lbs by team Baker & Lura on Friday.

The Overall Champs: Kerzman/Koep

The Biggest Walleye (7.95 lbs) came off the boat of team Pavlacky/Pavlacky.

The Biggest Northern (8.49 lbs) came off the boat of team Fox/Brenelle.

The Day-2 Champs: Pavlacky/Pavlacky (19.48 lbs).

Day 2, 2nd Place: Setterholm/Oorhoudt (18.55 lbs).

Day 2, 3rd Place: Setterholm/Klick (8.33 lbs).

Day 2, 4th Place: Thompson/Wallgren (16.9 lbs).

Day 2, 5th Place: Salo/Thiel (16.5 lbs).

Day 2, 6th Place: Kerzman/Koep (16.22 lbs).

Day 2, 7th Place: Fox Brunelle (15.98 lbs).

Day 2, 8th Place: Schultz/Peters (15.78 lbs).

Day 2, 9th Place: Sampson/Atchison (15.53 lbs).

Day 2, 10th Place: Laabs/Wagner (14.96 lbs).

Overall, 11th Place: Dresch/Colemann (14.65 lbs).

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